CLAIR MATTHEWS: Co-business owner, 39, single

Forged by events beyond her control, a cold, aloof personality hides behind the true facade. Orphaned at the age of 3, her aunt's Victorian mansion in Seattle became home. Does Celeste Vandergriff hold the key to her niece's past and the door to an unknown future?



KELLEY MALONE: Business partner, confidant,divorcee

A friendship molded by fate drives the flirtatious, impulsive ally to embroil her friend in another impromptu diversion. Instead, could the dangerous avenue of love provide a mysterious tryst?





JOE PAUL FARRELL: Registered vet, rancher, family friend to the wealthy Rileys

How could the genlteman cowboy know the woman who filled the empty void in his heart didn't really exist? Is she the elusive Cinderella in this love story or simply a charade?






RUSSELL GIBSON: Ex-cop, body-guard, trusted friend

The muscular comrade, who shares an intimate secret from each girl's past, meets his biggest challenge. Will it lead to love or death?





SPENCER WALKER: P.I., friend of the family

A duty-bound assignment cloaked his true emotions and personal feelings for years. Can he finish the job his father started or will passion force his hand and compel him to resign?











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